Dealership Detailing Department

We are a professional detailing facility. We have the knowledge skill, experience, and ability to professionally detail cars for dealerships on time and on budget.

As a dealership why should you outsource the professional Cleaning of your cars to a Third Party Professional?

There are many answers to this single question:


Brining a third party professional in to manage this process is smart business. Contrary to popular opinion, professionally cleaning and detailing a vehicle takes, knowledge, training, and skill.

After you have acquired the ability, acquiring the experience is also essential to doing the job correctly. For this reason, it is impossible to bring just anyone in off the street to do this job.


As a dealership, you know cars, you know selling cars, you are in the business of selling cars. What you do not know is detailing cars.

You don’t have the knowledge to train employees in this area, accurately quantify a new hires knowledge in this area, or create cleaning systems that get cars cleaned professionally each and every time.


As a Dealership You want a Detailing Department you can call, you don’t want to have to manage this detailing department yourself. A department consists of employees.

Having to worry about hiring, properly training employees, and managing employees without the proper knowledge is an impossible task, not to mention a loss of time, and money.


One of the main reasons for having a professional detail new or used cars, is asset protection. A professional will understand the different surface areas of a car and know what products to use, and what products not to use. It is very easy to damage the surface area of the Interior/exterior surface of a vehicle if you don’t’ understand these surface areas and you use the wrong products or supplies.

You don’t want anyone coming in off the street detailing cars without this pre-built knowledge and experience, it is too much of a liability.


For cars that are $100,000 or more it is a must and a necessity to make sure that whoever is working on that car has the knowledge, training, skill, and experience before they touch these cars. People with a high level of knowledge, skill and experience will know how to professionally clean these cars. Without this knowledge, skill, and experience, it is too easy to accidently damage once of these high valued vehicles.


If you are a dealership that sells dozens of cars, or hundreds of cars every month you don’t have time to manage the detailing process or the hiring process. What you want and need is for the dirty car to be processed, and cleaned quickly and delivered back to your lot to be made ready for sell ASAP.


A Dealership that has cars backed up in the spring and middle of summer is a dealership that is losing money and time. A vehicle that is waiting to be processed and cleaned, so they can be placed back on the lot and sold, are unrealized gains, that turn into real losses. As a dealership the quicker you can move these unprocessed cars back to the lot for sale, the quicker they will be sold for gains. We can clean about 5-10 vehicles on a daily basis making sure you don’t get backed up ever again.  



As a dealership you are in the car selling business.

Dealership that have become (backed-up) have been forced to sell dirty cars, as a result, they are forced to sell many of these cars for less than what they could have realized them for. It is a fact, that a professionally detailed car will sell for the highest Resale value, it is also a fact that a professionally detailed car will sale fastest allowing you as a dealership to win fast sales, and possible future repeat business.


A professionally detailed car will sale fast.

This will allow you as a dealership to realize your profits quickly.

Turning unprocessed cars into real gains quickly increasing your bottom line.


Selling a professionally detailed car to a customer will gain you high results in local public opinion, provide you with repeat business, and insure your reputation as a professional clean dealership in the community.


There are additional extra labor expenses that go into having extra employees such as health insurance, paid vacations, workers compensation, and taxes that dealerships will avoid by having a third party Detailing Department.  

There are many more reason why an outside Detail Department as your partner makes the most sense