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Regular Car Wash?
Exterior Detailing?

What is the difference?

Before we can answer this question, you must first understand that in this day in time there are 3 different types of wash systems:

1. Automatic Carwash – POOR
Created for the masses
Focuses on surface dirt with high-speed spinners, brushes and strong chemicals.
Only washes off about 65% to 75% of surface dirt from paint and wheels.
Removes protections from paintwork
Very destructive to paintwork – Responsible for almost all scratches, spiderwebbing, and swirls in paintwork
2. Touchless Carwash – OKAY
Only washes off about 55-60% of surface dirt from paint and wheels
Focuses on surface dirt with use of high-pressure water and strong chemicals
Removes protections from paintwork
Safer than an Automatic Carwash
3. Hand Carwash – BEST
Completed correctly will remove 99-100% of surface dirt from paint and wheels.
Focuses on surface dirt with use of high soap lubrication, soft safe brushes/wash mitts, and light to medium water pressure.
This method done correctly, will remove grease and grime without removing built in protections from your paint work.
This method is also the safest method and will protect your paint finish for many years to come.

Now that you have an understanding of what a normal carwash is let us now focus on the difference

Regular Carwash Vs Exterior Detailing


While a regular car wash is done to merely remove surface dirt from a car’s exterior, Regular Carwash (automatic systems) do not clean the paint.
they focus on removing only 55-75% of surface dirt from your paint.

Exterior Detailing is a car treatment that takes it to the furthest and highest step.
Exterior Detailing focuses on actually cleaning the paint, and restoring the paint back to full health.

By removing:
1. All Surface Dirt
2. Above Surface Contaminants – Bonded contaminates
3. Below Surface Defects – Embedded contaminants, Paint Stains, Holograms, Swirls/Spiderwebbing, Hard Water Spots

This includes stains, hard water spots, bug splatter, environmental fallout all bonded and embedded contaminates from the paint. When paintwork is dirty due to contamination, and filled with below surface defects and scratches, it is darker, cloudier and has no brilliance. This process of restoring the paint brings the depth of color and brilliance back to the paintwork, and bring the paint back to life again along with high gloss, high shine, and high reflection.