All of these problems are the result of bacteria build up, and the natural breakdown of organic compounds that are now decomposing in your vehicle, and smoke which is a collection of tiny air born organic compounds that infuses itself into every part of your vehicle.

Some will ignore these smells, but our recommendation is that you do not.

Poor Air Quality is not only a distraction, but breathing in these fumes can also be very toxic to your daily health, causing headache and health issues that can easily be avoided.

Our solution to removing all of these smells is completed by a 3-step process, and first starts with Identifying the source of the smell, then removing the source of the smell or neutralizing the source of the smell.

After we have identified the source of your smell problem, each step is an advance off the prior step, with each step having the ability to remove your smell problem.

Step # 1 – Full Interior Detail – This comes with shampooing and steaming out the carpets, floormats and upholstery seating. We go over every square inch of the vehicle.

Step # 2 – We apply a bacteria killing solution to your entire vehicle

Step # 3 – We engulf the entirety of your vehicle into a special odor neutralizing chamber for 12 hours.

Regardless of how bad your smell problem is, by step 3 your odor problem will be completely gone.