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It removes, and guards against all problems before they happen. For example a dirty, glaring window that made it very difficult to see out of at night, and impossible when it would rain, may have saved you from an accident that you could have avoided, if you were able to better see where you were going.
You will avoid many problems down the road. Some that deal with safety, some that deal with environmental health, some that deal with embarrassment, and some that deal with lack of praise.


Ever notice why your neighbor’s car always looks gorgeous and seems to never age, and if anything, seems to look better with age over time, why is this???
Then one day you see your neighbor out watering his grass and you ask “what is your secrete to keeping your car looking so new and clean and so damn good”…. He refuses to answer and chalks it up to being a vehicle of the Gods, that the car is magically able to clean itself. You laugh and move on.
Yet secretly you question “how does he keep his 1960 classic looking newer than mine’s when I purchased my vehicle less than 2 years ago.”

What is the neighbors closely guarded secret?

This is a secret that will be shown, and reveled to you in the months and years that follow.
The Secrete is regular Detailing, Safe Washing Intervals, and Regular Protection of All Surface Areas.
Regular detailing is the same reason why a Classic Car that’s 60 years old, looks newer and younger than your new car that you have had for two year.

Regularly Detailed

Your Car will Look like a Miracle everyday
Your Car will speak and utter of class, and perfection
Detailing your car regularly will allow your car to always retain its appearance and showroom good looks

A clean car, and a car that gives off a showroom like appearance says a lot about a person

Women are attracted to very clean men, Men are attracted to very clean women, why is this?
Why does driving a very clean car turn a woman on and vice versa?
It is because, it says you are clean, responsible, takes very good care of yourself, and that you are successful.
A very clean and polished car is a date magnet. It tells people you are in control of your life, that you have a path, that you know what you are doing, and you know what your mission is.
The interesting thing about a car is that the car does not have to be super expensive or new it just needs to look clean, polished, and well cared for, for people to take notice.
Finally, because the car looks Brand New, when you are ready to sell, it will sell fast, and you will sell it for top dollar.
Regularly and Properly Detailed, Your New Car can always look New Inside and Out Ten Years or more down the road or however long you keep it, your car’s interior and its exterior paint job and chrome can be as flawless as when you first took delivery.

Ever drive into a neighborhood where it looks like a bomb just went off?

Grass has not been cut, trash is on the ground in the front and back yard, windows are cracked, bricks and siding is falling off the house or You walk into a house where there is cloths, garbage, and dirty dishes everywhere. Both experiences can give you anxiety and makes you feel like you need to get the hell out as soon as possible. Yet the opposite is also true where you have walked into a very well-kept neighborhood that looks manicured, or you walk into a very clean house that looks and feel like a designer lives in it, that feels so inviting that you never want to leave. The same holds true for having a very clean car, this is perhaps why it is always a turn-on to have a very clean car no matter who is looking at you. You will either turn heads in a very positive way and look good, or turn heads in a very wrong way and look bad.



The fumes that disperse when you smoke don’t evaporate
They get lodged into the fabrics of almost every area in the car as third hand smoke into
Seat Cushions
We ask all of our Members to please… do not smoke inside of your vehicles.

The Clearcoat’s job is to provide protection

If there is a break in the armor of this clear coat the underlying paint and body panels are subject to deterioration and corrosion. If left unfixed, and unprotected a paint chip will rust completely through its body panel.
Always at the very least make sure your paint work is protected.


If you just had a mustard, and ketchup loaded hot dog land on your carpet or upholstery
Come to us immediately so that the stain does not permanently set into the fabric or carpet.
When it comes to preventing accidental spills and stains a
Fabric and carpet guard protection is absolutely worth it to protect your carpets. This is even more important if you have lighter colored carpet.
A carpet guard will put a barrier over your fabric and carpet fibers that will repel oil, spills, and stains from setting in.



Restore our members cars back to life, to original factory condition to better than original factory condition, to flawless state. To keep and maintain the car in near original factory condition or better.
To induce all of our members with a new found love and pride in their cars.
To create a feel-good experience, and a new found confidence in our members by showing them what it feels like to drive in a perfectly clean and mint conditioned vehicle.

Continued Maintenance:

The interior of your car takes a lot of abuse.
some have even described it as 10 times more abuse than your home, and 100 times more abuse if you have kids.
Each time you get in

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Sitting in your car, you shed and drop dead skin, hair, makeup, the list continues

All of it adds up fast to finding yourself in a very dirty, filthy and unhealthy car.
Continued maintenance at regular wash intervals is necessary to avoid buildup, and maintain balance in your car.


We don’t accept tips


We are not a car wash
We are also not a regular detailing service
We are a vehicle membership restoring and retention system

What this means is that we don’t provide ongoing on call vehicle detailing services to people that are not members.

Quality Control

All member vehicles go through a quality control Inspection review before the car is released back to our members.

Do all detailers cut corners?

Yes, 99.9% of all detailers cut corners, because they have to.
It’s impossible to properly clean a car that is extremely dirty in one day.
It is also not possible to complete this work in 1-2 hours’ time.



Attention To The Detail will not cut corners. Your car will be placed into service on a cleaning schedule until we get your vehicle to its Baseline Normalization Level


A Dirty Car is very similar to cleaning a dirty House.

You will never find a house cleaning company tell you that they can clean your house in one day. Most will tell you that they will need 1-3 months to get your house back into a state of balance. In the same way it is impossible to clean a dirty house in one day, or one week, it is also impossible to clean a dirty car in one day, or one week.

When you are cleaning a dirty house that has a great deal of garbage in every room, dirty dishes piled high, dirty clothes scattered around the house, old rotten food and drinks left out to spoil, and debris scattered everywhere, You have to plan out the cleaning process.

With your pride and joy neglected and in such poor conditional, it is impossible to clean everything in the house at the same time.
In order to do it correctly the cleaning process must be planned out.

Generally speaking, you start with the things that you can see, then you move to the things that are hidden.

For a very dirty house, You would first start with decluttering and removing garbage and large debris

Then you start with vacuuming, sweeping and removing all surface dirt, garbage and debris
Cleaning all of the dishes.

Once the dishes, and surface dirt is cleaned, you can now start on deep cleaning your house.
Moping the floors, and steam cleaning the carpets, then moving to the areas you can’t see
Sanitizing and disinfecting all other surface areas in all rooms

At this point you believe your house is clean, but it is not. You now need to focus on isolated projects such as, deep cleaning the icebox, and refrigerator, cleaning the oven, cleaning all draws in your kitchen and disinfecting the walls and all surface areas in the bathroom, Livingroom, and kitchen, working on other cleaning areas that you missed, then maintaining the house on a week to week basis.

Similar to a house, it is impossible to clean a car in one day or 3-5 hours.
It is even more impossible to Professionally detail a car in one day or 3-5 hours.
Any detailer that tells you otherwise is lying to you. It is just not possible because there is not enough hours in the day.

Any detailer that tells you they are putting 4-5 hours in your car is also not telling you the truth. The average time is 1-2 hours due to other cars that they have to get to.

Spending 1-2 hours is simply not enough time.

Realistically speaking if you are able to take your time and do it correctly, it takes about 30-45 hours to professionally detail any vehicle based on the vehicle’s size, condition, and degree of neglect. We will say this again… It is impossible to clean your car in 1 day and you certainly can’t do it in 1-2 hours. Your vehicle needs between 30-45 hours of cleaning time in order to bring your car back into a proper state of Balance.

Why Should You Join with US?

Instead of the average amount of time of 1-2 hours spent on your vehicle from another person or company, you will receive about 30-45 hours per month from us.

During the Restoring Schedule we will spend more effort and time in order to bring the car back into balance.
Once you are on the Retaining Schedule less time will be needed to achieve the same results but no less effort will be used in ensuring perfection to all areas.

How long will it take to bring my car back into proper balance or to achieve Baseline Normalization Level?

The time it will take is based on your vehicle condition status. If the condition of your vehicle is at the bottle of our Status Chart and is in very poor condition it will take between 1.5 months to 2 months to achieve Baseline Normalization Level, and bring your vehicle back into proper balance.


There is an old saying… Trust but Verify.

To many, the detailing world can be a Great Mystery. There are even detailers out there, doing it at a professional level that don’t fully understand it.

You go to a sight and you see that the company is offering:

There is an old saying… Trust but Verify.

To many, the detailing world can be a Great Mystery. There are even detailers out there, doing it at a professional level that don’t fully understand it.

You go to a sight and you see that the company is offering:
Washing, Claying, Polishing, Compounding, Sealant, Waxes, Ceramic Coating, tire dressing,
Then you ask yourself… what is all of this, and what does it all mean?
What’s it for and how will it help my car?

You go to an Auto Store, you walk in and you see what looks like hundreds of different products from cleaner waxes to IPA Cleaners, to dressings, and again you ask yourself what does all of this mean?

Not all but some People and Companies in the detailing world have used this confusion, lack of knowledge and misunderstandings to overcharge and to take advantage of the misunderstood.

Before moving forward with a detailer, you first need to ask, is the detailer asking the right questions.
Does the detailer have the right knowledge, is the detailer using the correct tools, and equipment to get the job done. Is the detailer using the correct products. Does the detailer have a full understanding of the products in the market, and a correct understanding of how the products are used and applied.

Is the detailer only washing your paint? Will the detailer also be cleaning your paint?
Know that there is a huge difference between washing and cleaning your paint work.
Most will not clean your paint, they will only wash your paint. What you want is your paint work to be clean.

Will the detailer be protecting your paint in order to make sure your paint-work on your car is safe for many years to come.
Unfortunately, most will not.

Does the logical order of process that the detailer will use make sense to you, or are the events illogical and make no sense?

Finally… and Unfortunately we have seen it all:

We have seen companies promise people certain results then when they get their car back the results fall short of expectations.

We have seen companies place protectants over dirty surfaces to give the appearance that the surface is clean.
We have seen companies promise people things, actually charge them for these things knowing they never delivered these things.
We have seen companies put together packages, that from a logical cleaning point of view, makes no sense.
We have seen companies charge you for using power and water which is a necessary cost of doing business.
We have seen companies charge you a cancellation fee if they came but could not gain access to power and water.

The worst part of this all is, unless you are an are an educated consumer you will not understand or even know that you have been taken advantage of because you won’t have the ability to truly verify their work.

As a Member we want all of our members to be educated so that they always know what to look for an what to expect.

For each phase of work, we will educate our members so that they know what to look for and what to expect.

Our hope is that when all phases are complete you will be an informed consumer of the detailing world and how to FOREVER keep your vehicle clean, polished, and in a state of perfection at all times.

At the very least you will know if you are getting good value in exchange for what you are paying.

At the very least You will know the Neighbors Secret.