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Dirt, Road Tar, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, and other containments stick to the car.
Rain won’t wash these containments away, even worse, the rain itself may contain acid rain that can eat into the clear coat and paint, permanently damaging your car’s appearance.

Extended exposure to the heat and ultraviolent rays from the sun can also cause your paint to oxidize, fade and peel and become damaged over time.

The sun can do the same thing to the car’s interior. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that all areas of the glass, paint, wheels, exterior plastics, vinyl’s, leather, interior plastics, and even carpet are always sealed. Sealing off these areas provide a barrier layer against all outside contaminants.

Your Glass – Is Sealed
Your Paint – Is wax
Your Plastics, rubbers, and vinyl’s – are dressed
Your Seats – Are conditioned

* We Automatically Do This As Part Of Your Package For All “Full Access” Members

Do all detailers make sure that all of the areas of your car is protected with a protectant after a cleaning is performed?

No. Many detailers will offer this as an Ala Cart Service. If the customer does not pay for it, this protection phase is skipped. Others In order to save time and money, are forced to skip this protection phase, while others will completely ignore it or avoid it all together. It is important to make sure a detailer offers this service even if you have to pay for it. Without some form of protection applied, industrial fallout, and external contaminants will re-bond to your glass, paint, and wheels, quickly undoing and reversing any gains created by a cleaning. Do not allow anyone to service your surface areas unless they can provide you with some form of surface protection, or offer this to you as an option.


Man-made or natural environmental contaminants are hazardous to your paint
You must take steps to protect your paint from these elements.
This is done by adding a second layer to your paint.
You can do this by making sure your car is waxed or sealed every 3-4 months
similar to you putting on a rain coat to protect yourself form the rain. The wax or sealant puts a barrier coat around your vehicle to protect the paint and clearcoat from damaging hazardous contaminants.
This raincoat (AKA WAX/SEALANT) will keep your paint from oxidizing, cracking, chipping, fading, pealing and will even prevent scratches to your paint and clear coat. It is why that by just applying this sealant you will keep your paint looking good for many years to come. 

Waterless Carwash

What is a waterless Carwash?

Waterless car washing is the process of using no water to very little water to wash your car.
A waterless carwash is using either steam or waterless wash sprays and a towel as the main tools for washing your car.

Do waterless carwashes work on dirty cars?

The answer to this question is No.
If your vehicle is dirty, a waterless carwash will simulate going through an automatic car wash contributing to microscopic scratches in your paint surface. It is not possible to emulsify all of the dirt, and oil on a dirty vehicle. As the dirt is removed with the towel the dirt will act like sandpaper creating scratches in your vehicle’s paint. Anyone that offers to wash your vehicle using waterless wash system on a vehicle that is dirty will be scratches your paint in this process, so it is best to avoid these types of services.

Under what conditions is it safe to use a waterless Car wash?

You can safely use a waterless carwash on your paint when you have, and only when you have, protected and sealed the paint with a wax treatment or ceramic coating treatment to your paint.
The paintwork is clean, and you are using the waterless Wash to remove light dust.

Cleaning Intervals

Safe and proper washing at correct intervals is the most important gift you can give to your car.
You want to make sure you are washing your vehicle at least once per week or depending on use two week minimum.

Who should use this service?

Owners of Brand New Cars
Everyday People that know the benefits of staying super clean
People that love their cars
People looking for another option to vacuuming their cars other than self-service
People that can’t risk cleaning their cars themselves due to being dressed up for an event and need to stay sharp
People that stay dressed up and looking sharp
Women who have just got their nails done, and don’t want to risk damaging or breaking a nail
Women who have just got their hair done
Families who want to maintain a clean healthy environment in their car
Families that desire crystal clear, and crystal clean car windows
Parents that want to make sure their kid’s windshields are always clean, safe, and easy to see out of.
Car Enthusiast who wish to obtain the flawless state status
Car Enthusiast who understand how dangerous it is to their vehicle’s paint, and rims to drive through an automatic car wash
Classic Car Enthusiast who idolize their vehicles, and place car covers over their vehicles.
Classic Car Enthusiast who want their most prized possession maintained
Classic Car Enthusiast who idolize their vehicles, and place their vehicles on their top shelf
Super Exotic Car Owners that demand perfection
Very Expensive Car Owners that wish to maintain their vehicles in perfect form
Very Expensive Car Owners that wish to improve, and maintain the appearance of their vehicles
People that don’t have time to clean their cars between detailing
Anyone who has invested money into a new paint job
Anyone who has purchased New Wheels
Anyone that wants to keep their car looking new and fresh
Anyone who wants a very thorough exterior and interior cleaning
Anyone that has a car that want to stay looking clean, and feeling good and confident


What is the difference between a Non-Member and a Member?

The difference in getting low book or top dollar

The difference in feeling embarrassed or feeling proud, confident and important

The difference between feeling unorganized, and Organized

The difference between feeling dirty and Feeling Clean

The Difference between not allowing someone “out of the blue” to ride in your car because its filthy and dirty and letting
someone “out of the blue” ride with you feeling high pride, and receiving amazing praise from the people that ride with you.

The difference between impressing that Woman or Man that you like, when they ride with you or making them feel and think
that you are dirty and irresponsible

The Difference between pulling up to the front and letting valet take your keys and feeling great and walking right in, or
finding a parking lot or a hidden corner to hide that god forsaken thing you call your car and walking a half a block to the

The Difference between it not being a pleasure to drive your car on a daily basis, and it being a pleasure to drive your car on a
daily basis

The Difference between having a very pleasant smell in your car and having an odor that smells stale, old, and
unpleasant while driving your car

The Reasons are many but generally speaking anyone that becomes a member will experience a shift in confidence value
when it comes to driving around their cars.



Intervals very with how often a vehicle is driven, road conditions, weather, and foot traffic and other factors
Generally speaking, if you use your car daily, and your car sits outside not parked in a garage, you should have your car washed at least every week or two weeks at the latest, to keep up with the proper maintenance and care of your car.

Do I need to Shampoo and Wash my Carpet Every day?

Just like you don’t need to wash your living room carpet every day, the same is true of your automobile carpet.
Once we have achieved Baseline Normalization Level, we will maintain your carpets based on Focused Area Cycles and need.

I am on a Restoring schedule, but my package includes unlimited visits. Can I still come as often as I want?

Yes, you will never have to go to an Automatic Carwash, wash your car or clean your car again.
While we are restoring your vehicle, you can book, and come as often as you wish for all normal day to day outside and inside cleanings