Interior Detail

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Below you will see four divisions indicating the vehicle’s price based on size.

(Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large)


  • Small – Cars
  • Medium – Midsized SUV’s – (Two Rows of Seating)
  • Large – Midsized SUV’s – (Three Rows of Seating) Pickup Trucks and Vans
  • Extra Large – Large SUV’s

*** Some cases will fall outside of the norm. In these extreme cases such as extreme contamination or extreme bad condition will need to see the vehicles in order to provide you with a quote***


(Exterior Package Includes Engine Bay detailing)


We handwash your vehicle
We strip the paint of all dirt, grease and grime
We protect the paint by applying a sealant to your paint work
We clean the Wheel Wells, Wheels, and Tires
We clean and fully detail the engine bay
We dress and recondition the engine bay, and tires



We detail out every square inch of Your Interior, and we restore Your Interior to like
new condition. (Perfect State)
***$50 surcharge for Bad Condition, heavy pet hair removal, and heavily soiled
These types of vehicles require more Time, and more than one detailing to bring
them back to a state of balance.
Thus, we will generally require 1-2 days of time for these vehicles, allowing us the
time to detail these vehicles multiple times over until the vehicle has been fully



  • Remove all remaining Debris
  • Vacuum “Brush” Headliner
  • Vacuum Sunvisors
  • Vacuum Seats
  • Vacuum Carpet
  • Vacuum All Floor Mats
  • Vacuum “Brush” Trim, Door Panels, dashboard, glove compartment, Center console, ashtray,
Steam Clean All Floor Mats Pre-treat, Shampoo, and Hot Water Extraction of all floor Mats

Steam Clean, Pre-treat, Shampoo, and Hot Water Extraction of Carpet Stain Removal Agents – Remove Stains from Carpet

Deep Clean Leather/Vinyl/Cloth Upholstery Seats Pre-treat, Shampoo, and Hot Water Extraction of Cloth Upholstery Seats Stain Removal Agents – Remove Stains from Upholstery Seats

We clean between the seats, under the seats, on all sides of the seats, and the seat tracks removing all grease, grime, hair, fur, candy,debris, forgotten spills, and secret sauce, ensuring they look and feel new by the time we’re done.

We deep clean all Vinyl, Plastics, and Rubbers throughout entire vehicle – (Trim, Door Panels, dashboard, glove compartment, Center console, ashtray, cupholders)

All windows, review mirror, and side mirrors

Trunk is deep cleaned; we even remove spare tire, from spare tire well, in order to deep clean spare tire well

Every square inch of your vehicle is cleaned until the vehicle has been restored back to a state of balance and normalcy

After all surface areas have been professionally cleaned, we will dress and condition all vinyl’s, plastics, rubbers, and leathers throughout entire vehicle in order to restore these areas back to their former glory. This process not only gives life and luster back to these areas, it also increases the life span of these areas as well, allowing them to stay in good condition for years to come.

In theory these surface areas can last indefinitely, so long as they are maintained and cared for.

Please remove all personal items, large items, and baby seats from vehicle, including all things from glove compartment and center console so we can get to all areas of vehicle. All others items that you missed that are found underneath the seat, or anywhere else throughout the vehicle will be neatly bagged up and place on the passenger seat upon completion of vehicle.



Odor Removal

PACKAGE #9A – Normal to Medium Odors – $50

We apply a safe chemical to the headliner, upholstery seats, carpet, floor mats, and trunk.
This process services to deodorize and refresh every area of your vehicle
In addition to the detailing process, we complete first, this process will have your vehicle smelling fresh and brand new.

PACKAGE #9B – Heavy Odors, Very Bad Odor Problem – $120

Vehicle is placed in a deodorization chamber for 12 hours to neutralize and sanitize the source of the odor causing problem.


  • BABY SEAT – (Please make sure the seat is detached from car seat) – $45/Seat
  • PERSONAL ITEMS – Bagging and Sorting of personal items not removed from vehicle – $30