What is the Difference Between Washing, and Cleaning?

There are 3 stages to the cleaning process.


  • Surface Dirt – This type of dirt can be rinsed and washed off. (AUTOMATIC CARWASH LEVEL)
  • Bonded Dirt – Dirt that is bonded to the paint. This type of dirt cannot be rinsed or washed off.
  • Embedded Dirt – Contaminants, and stains that are embedded in the paint. This type of dirt cannot be rinsed or washed off.

Washing focuses only on the surface.

Cleaning focuses at deeper levels. Like a deep dive team, diving down to clean the ocean floor. The cleaning process is able to get to the Bonded Dirt, and the Embedded Contaminates. The washing process is not.

Is going to a carwash cleaning my vehicle?

Many People have never actually cleaned their vehicles.
They have the misconception that going to a carwash is cleaning their car.
It is not cleaning the exterior surface areas of your car for 2 main reasons.
A carwash will miss much of the car’s bonded surface dirt.
A carwash will wash some of the surface areas, and miss other areas.
A carwash can only WASH, it cannot CLEAN the Paint because a carwash does not have the ability to go deeper into the paint in order to get to the Embedded surface dirt and Contaminates.
For this reason, you are washing some of the areas of the paint, but you are NEVER cleaning the paint.
The only way to remove these embedded contaminates is to go deeper. A carwash is incapable of accomplishing this task.
It is important to remove these contaminates on your car paint before they cause permeant damage to your clearcoat and before they start to eat into your clearcoat and paintwork.

Is taking my car through an Automatic Carwash Safe?

No, it is not safe and very unhealthy to your vehicle.
In fact, continued visits to a carwash will result in your car paint becoming dull and faded due to the amount of scratches being placed into your paintwork and the abuse your vehicle is subjected to from going to these places. Going to a carwash is the single worst thing you can do to your car. It strips the protections that we apply to your paint, and places dents, and scratches in your paintwork and wheels. It is for these reasons why we have made it our mission to save our members and clients from going to these places.

Why are Automatic Carwashes so terrible?

Your Neighbor, the one who’s car seems to even shine at night. The one that won’t tell you his secret, to how he keeps his car looking so new every day of the week for years.
One of his secrets, is “He will NEVER take his car through an Automatic Carwash”.
You may not realize this, but every time you go through an Automatic Carwash you are damaging your wheels, and you are damaging your paint.
Going through an Automatic Carwash is the single worst thing you can ever due to the health and safety of your car’s paint, clearcoat, and wheels.

Why do we despise Automatic Carwashes so much?

There are many reasons, but we will leave you with three you may already realize.

# 1

They are focused on the Herd

Automatic Carwashes are focused on Volume, not Quality.
For them volume is fast, and Quality takes too long.
It is for this reason we can tell you with certainty that all of the work that is produced by Automatic Carwashes are sloppy, mediocre, and sub-standard, if we can be plane their work is half-assed. They Cannot, and Do Not Provide quality work. This is the case because they are pushing cars through quick. As quick as possible, and it is impossible to provide any degree of quality, when the work is pushed through quick, and based on volume.


You have to Dry your own Car

Finally, and again for the same reasons above. Automatic Carwashes do not offer quality car drying services. When they are done the vehicle is still wet and dripping, yet these same services make you feel obligated to pay a tip for such work.


You have to vacuum your own car

Due to automatic carwashes only caring about pushing the herd through as quick as possible, and not caring about quality they will generally not provide or offer vacuuming service. Instead they will offer a self-serve option so you can vacuum your car yourself which is not always practical if you are dressed up or need to stay clean to go to an event.


The Windows – The windows are never cleaned at automatic carwashes.

What is your car’s worst Fear?

If Cars could talk it would be the Automatic Carwash.
Automatic Carwashes are very damaging to an automobile.
Every time a vehicle travels through a car wash, the Wheels are damaged going through the metal conveyor, and the paint job on the car is damaged through the harsh abuse of the spinners, rollers, and wipers hitting the car. Scratches, Swirl Marks, Paint chips, and Dents are the result of using these systems.
Automatic car washes rather touchless or touch cannot get everything, many areas such as door jams, and other areas that the automatic brushes and wipers, cannot get to, are missed, and are not cleaned.
Over time you will come to find swirl marks, scratches, paint chips, and dents on your car.
Your new car will start to look like an old car due to the constant damage and abuse of driving through Automatic Carwashes.

Why are Automatic Carwash Systems unsafe for your vehicle?

If you’re old enough to Remember Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid, You may recall seeing a part in the movie where he says wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off, in such a way where he showed care and caution, and compassion to what he was cleaning and maintaining.
In Comparison the Automatic Car Wash is beating, hitting, slapping, and hurting your car paint.
If you actually look closely these machines are spinning at such high speeds that they are literally slapping the hell out of your car, and damaging your car’s finish every time the car goes through it.
It’s one of the most hostile environments that a car can ever experience.

Everything is wrong in this environment.

The water pressure is too high, the chemicals are too strong, the brushes are too hard, and are spinning way to fast, and if your car could speak it would tell you “Don’t ever F@#$! put me through that again!!”
What’s worse the automatic brushes, Spinners, and Cleaners, that are supposed to be cleaning your car is actually doing more to damage your car. These machines are washing 1000s of cars Weekly. Many of these machines are not cleaned. The brushes, spinners, and wipers never changed.
due to the 1000s of cars these machines wash, sand and dirt is transferred to all of the wipers, and brushes and unfortunately instead of safely washing your car, what’s actually happening, is these machines are acting like sandpaper putting very small scratches, and swirls in your paint. It gets worse, because these machines are spinning at such high speeds, there are many many cases where people have reported dents, dings, scrapes, and scuff marks created by these machines. It is why at 99.9% of these locations you will see a sign posted out front that says “we are not responsible for any damages that occur”
These machine cause damage, and yet after all of that damage, and stress you put your car through, by going through an automatic carwash, Your car is still not clean. This we can assure you.
(Cars that go through these systems never are, they are not capable of cleaning). By the time you get home you will have water spots on your windows and paint, and many areas that have not even been touched. A car wash is only able to get to some of the surface dirt, much of the dirt is actually bonded, and embedded inside of the vehicle’s paint that a carwash is not capable of getting to.


Look at it as getting a muddy herd of livestock 60-65% not cleaned, but washed ASAP

This process has its place if you consider your car to be as part of a group of livestock and you don’t mind your car being only 65% washed and banged up and dinged up by the high spinning brushes (We can assure you it does not feel good and the cars do not like it) and conveyor which is the high-speed approach to herd cleaning. If you don’t mind your pride and joy getting slapped around, then this process may be right up your alley.

If on the other hand you don’t consider your Car as part of a herd, and you don’t appreciate your pride and joy looking as scared as a cat in a dog kennel, and you demand a Safe, and Full Cleaning, then an Automatic Carwash is not for you.

The Brushes of an Automatic Carwash will put hundreds of fine scratches in the car’s finish which will result in a paint condition known as cob webbing or spider webbing. Permanently Damaging your car’s finish.

The Guys at the end of the line waiting to give you a quick towel dry are the worst – DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Due to the car not being properly washed, they are drying your car with dirt, embedded containments, and sand still on the car. Their drying towels become like sandpaper, causing paint stretching to occur.
To compound this problem, because the cars are not cleaned properly, they are taking dirt and sand from other cars and rubbing them into the paint of all new cars that come up the line.

As we have said before… If you’re car could speak it would tell you “Don’t ever F@#$! put me through that again!!”

As a Member is it okay to wash my car at an Automatic Carwash?


Why can’t I go to Automatic Carwashes while also being a Member of the Attention to the Detail System?

Our whole objective is to clean, restore, protect, and retain the condition of your paint and clear coat.
Going to an Automatic Carwash will reverse our work and progress as it is very damaging to your wheels and paint.
Each time you drive through an automatic carwash the conveyor system scratches, and damages your wheels, the high-speed brushes is marring and scratching your paint. The chemicals that are used in these systems are very strong in order to wash vehicles fast. As a result, these chemicals strip the wax and protections away from your paint, protections that we apply to protect your paint from harm, opening your paint up to clear coat failure and eventually paint failure.
If you wish to go to an Automatic Carwash to vacuum your carpet you can do this, but you should never take your car through the Conveyor Tunnel System.
Finally, there really isn’t a need to ever go at all as we will vacuum your carpet for you. We know that our members demand perfection. For all of these reasons, we ask our members to stay away from automatic carwash systems.

Touchless gas stations systems Safe?

Touchless are not much better. Without any agitation through the brushes, the touchless wash will actually remove less surface dirt, and similar to the regular Automatic Carwash can only remove surface and is not capable of actually cleaning the car.
One would think that this process is safer, but touchless is just as disastrous. To Compensate for the lack of agitation, touchless wash systems use high pressure jets and very strong chemicals to remove as much dirt as possible. The pressure flowing off these high-speed jets are so strong that they can not only damage the paint on your car, but are detrimental to other areas as well, such as the rubber seals used on moon roofs, and the weather seals used to seal convertible tops. In many of these high-pressure systems, car owners, convertible owners alike, will eventually begin to see leakage into the cabin of their car, due to the damage created by these high-speed jets.
You can think of it as a type of sand blasting. These high-water pressures will damage your paint and your car. The water Pressure should never be this high to wash your paint and clear coat.
The chemicals are so strong that they actually remove any paint protections your paint has on it that serves to protect your clear coat.
Finally, similar to a Regular Carwash, dirt, sand, and contaminants are left on the paint’s surface after a touchless wash. Any attempt to towel dry will result in the same damages being done to your car causing paint scratching, and maring.

Self-Cleaning Wash Bays Safe?

Wash Bays are no better than Touchless Washes or Automatic Tunnel Washes. The Foaming Brush is typically loaded with dirt and sand from the dozens of cars that came there before you. These places can harm your paint due to the dirt, grit, and sand being transferred from the brush to your paint while you are washing it, causing permanent damage to your paint.

What other wash systems can I use?

As a Member your safest option that we would be okay with is to wash your car at home, but as a Member you would not need to do this, as we will be fully maintaining your vehicle’s glass, paint, wheels, interior and all other areas of your vehicle safely, efficiently and correctly.

The Creation:

Why was Attention To The Detail Created?

This service was created out of a love for cars and the need to correct the terrible Damage to Cars that that Automatic Carwashes have created in their wake.

MR. Miyagi

What we are trying to knock out of the park and drive home for our clients and members is the Rule of MR. Miyagi.

If you want true perfection of your paint work, DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR CAR THROUGH AUTOMATIC CARWASH SYSTEMS.

Do Automatic Carwashes have a place to fill?

Yes… If you are driving around a dirt scooter, a putt putt, a beater, a last leg, a beat-up old wagon… for these vehicles you have our blessing.